Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nicole O'Dell's Scenarios: Magna and Making Waves

Nicole O'Dell has done it again. Her scenarios continue to help girls through difficult and trying times. These scenarios may be geared towards young adult girls but I truly believe that any girl, going through a rough time, would benefit from these great reads. Not only does O'Dell connect with her readers but she actually uses language they would understand too.

Magna deals with stealing and peer pressure and how Molly Jacobs would act if she were to go with or against the "cool" crowd. She must decide if she wants steal an article of clothing at her job at Magna or choose the right decision and not steal. What will Molly do???

Making Waves deals with choices that could make or break a student's career in an activity. Kate Walker is on the swim team and has the drive to win. She becomes too involved in the sport and wants to win at any cost even if it is illegal. What will Kate do???

One of the coolest features of O'Dell's books are that she includes two endings. The first would be if the reader chooses to go towards the lower road and make a mistake in their judgement. The second ending is when the girls choose to make the right choice and learn why pressures of the world are hard for everyone. The choice of endings is up to the reader. What would you do? The tables turn from the author choosing the ending to the reader choosing which way they will choose and what consequences may follow.

Nicole O'Dell has a passion for youths as she and her husband work with their youth group at church on Wednesday evenings. O'Dell also has six children, three of whom are triplets, and allows her two older daughters to give input on her website. Her website is here. On her website, there is a link to the blog that she does as well as a way to submit questions that young girls may have. These questions are tackled when O'Dell blogs on her Girl Talk blog page.

I am absolutely thrilled to recommend these books to anyone who has a young daughter. I actually gave my first two scenarios books to a friend from church, who is 14, to read and decide how she would handle tough situations. Her response after the books was "I got to be the decision-maker and make my own mistake or right choice. That was really cool." Everyone wants to make their own decisions and through Scenarios they can!

I was extremely please that Nicole contacted me to do this review and enjoyed Magna and Making Waves. Nicole, you have done an excellent job with these two books and thanks for letting me review them.

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