Monday, February 15, 2010

NOT ME Monday

Well good Monday to you all! MckMama is behind this fabulous and free therapy tell all to come clean about what you did not do this past week. So if you drank the milk out of the carton or overslept repeatedly, it's's Not Me Monday! So here goes my shot of what I did not do this past week ;)

This past week...

I did not drop my nighttime pill container in the toilet and quickly pick it up, dry it, and then place it back in the cabinet. Nope not me!

I did not enjoy using my swifter wet jet and dance while using it. :o

I did not actually wear my pajama pants to the library on two separate occasions. I usually wear proper clothes every time but they were just calling my name and are not comfy, people.

I did not take my Thursday (snow day) off and do nothing but watch movies, play on the computer, and just chill. Nope not me! I always use my extra time wisely ;)

I did not enjoy watching the snow fall outside my window!

So there ya have it! A Not Me Monday on an early Monday morning! Hope you had a great weekend!

Have a fabulous day!!!

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