Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My newest addiction

That's right people! I am officially addicted to these lovely things. They are not bad considering two only have 1g carbohydrates and 1g sugar plus 5 calories per serving (2 mints).

They cost about 50 cents more than Altoids and since I can't have regular gum, due to soy, and since regular breath mints also have soy, I guess I am stuck with these. :)

Here is my problem though and where I am addicted...I like to "pop" a few through out the day. A few adds up on a daily basis! This is one thing that I can "chew" on and it not be horrible for me or taste bad/have no taste at all.

Every day I need to chew on something and get a crunch and straws just ain't cuttin' it! I have narrowed my "chew" obsession down to the fact that I don't really get anything crunchy in my diet due to my allergies and I just like to chew on something throughout the day period.

SO I guess I will just stick to my new addiction and know that this can do NO harm. ;)

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