Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Words hurt longer than fights last

My sister and I were at each other's throats today. Just petty stuff that escalated in the car on the way to our storage unit. It started with me genuinely starting a conversation, her getting ticked that I was trying to be nice, and then her calling me a female dog. Let me tell you that I despise cuss words and she knows it. Sure I have said a few at the slip of my tongue before, but sister has the mouth of a sailor and actually called me a female dog to my face today.

That stuck something through my heart today and I am still angry with her. I do not appreciate nor desire the word that I was called and I truly am disappointed in my sister. She knows that this word ticks me off and I am now very angry. No woman deserves to ever be called such a name and there is no arguing about it. I don't care if someone is just cruel and mean...they don't deserve to be degraded and called such an ugly name.

She knows that my feelings are hurt and she is acting as if she cares less. This hurts too. Sisters are supposed to love each other and not be hateful. I am trying to not nit-pick at her or compare us with one another, but you know what...I will never, ever call her a female dog. I can promise you that.

Words hurt longer than the fight lasts and I will try to forgive my sister and her mouth.

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