Thursday, November 12, 2009

The DL on what's happening this week

** Mom called on Monday asking me what my plans were as to when I was coming home for Thanksgiving. I said probably Tuesday late, a day and a few hrs before Turkey day. Mom apparently called Dad and I get another phone call.

Mom: Your dad wants to know if you can skip class on Tuesday in order to drive home {3 hrs}, get in the family car, and drive 5+ hours to the grandparents. Now I must say I don't skip class and have not missed this year.

E: My father wants me to skip class so I can be home earlier?!?! Is this the man that says he was the "star student" in college and says to suck it up and just deal with it too?!

Mom: Yes but your father wants you home. Or we could just have you drive three hours and then fly later that night or in the of the WORST days to be flying!

Later the next day:

E: I talked to my professors and one rescheduled a test that is supposed to be that Tuesday before Thanksgiving to next week and two others have cancelled class. SO that leaves my 10:30 class on Tuesday.

Mom: Your dad wants you home so we can all go together. Can you skip that class?!?!

E: Mother! I can't believe you and dad are telling me now my question is if I am going to hi-tail it early or go to my 10:30 and hit the road around noonish. Lovely...I know!

** Sister made me giggle so hard one night, really late, when I saw her FB status and it said "Jamaican me crazy." I have no idea why...I am just really giggly after midnight!

** I have been up way to late every night this week!

** I told a fellow blogger/tweeter friend that I actually forgot how to relax. Since I was home after the doctor's appointment.

** The doctor had news for me that I did not like: a sinus and ear infection and Bronchitis. Lovely I know. Then to make the situation worse...I am on this antibiotic that makes me dizzy and can't have anything with calcium in it 2 hours BEFORE and AFTER my antibiotic. Thank goodness it is only once a day!

** I know, it is sad that I forgot how to relax! I wish I could really relax and not be sick.

So my week has been crazy busy...with a few hiccups in the road...but what kind of week would it be for me if it weren't crazy?!?!

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