Monday, November 16, 2009

NOT ME Monday

Good Monday Morning sweet bloggers! Hope you had a great weekend and a ready to face Monday head on. MckMama already has this week's Not Me Monday click on the above button and see what we all have not done this past week.

I did not have an extremely lazy weekend and not not do one smidgen of homework at all...gasp!

I do not sound like a frog, if that, when I talk...still after four days of being sick!

I do not consider it a great conversation with my brother when we talk for over 2 minutes...nope not me!

I am not admitting that I actually like, for the most part, Monday mornings!

I do not rely on the weather channel for my weather reports since my usually WRONG incompetent local people can't ever get it right.

My college friends then do not ask me the weather girl what the weather will be since they know I actually watch it.

I do not grow more and more excited as I watch my "Thanksgiving ticker" count down!

Happy Monday!!!

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