Friday, November 20, 2009

Movie Review: The Blind Side


The movie, The Blind Side, is about a Christian family who takes in a boy who has had a ROUGH time in life and the impact, both the family and the young man have on each other.

This movie is AMAZING and really touched and tugged at my heart. Sandra Bullock, who plays the wealthy Christian woman said "He (meaning Oher) has changed my life." This was after someone told her that she was changing Oher's life.

This is a wonderful movie that shows perseverance, strength, endurance, and people who do not give up on Oher. This movie shows a family who bonds with Oher and some parts are quite funny, especially the scenes with S.J.

I recommend that you see this movie. It was the BEST eight dollars I have spent in a long time. The theater, that I went to, was packed full and every single show, by the time my friend and I left, was sold out!!!

This movie is based off a true story and the original Micahel Oher is currently playing for the Baltimore Ravens as he was selected in the 2009 Draft pick. There is also a book based on this true story called The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game.

Michael Oher's life did not only change when he became a family member with the Tuohy's, but the world around Oher was changed as well!

This movie rates right up there with Remember the Titans, Glory Road, and Invincible. This movie was that good and is now one of my favorites!

Grade: A+

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