Sunday, September 13, 2009

So MUCH to say

Okay, okay...I have so MUCH to say! So I thought I would just start and see where the wind takes me. here we go...

** Tomorrow...I have TWO MAJOR presentations that I have to give. EEK...both in one day and then a MAJOR test to study for the next. But, for some reason, I am at peace. I am not stressing as much as I usually do and feel pretty prepared for this challenge. My presentations are at 9am and at 1pm. If you get a few moments...could you just give me wisdom and perseverance tomorrow?! I would really appreciate it!

** Even though this weekend was C-R-A-Z-Y...I feel ready for the coming week. Once Monday & Tuesday are over...the rest of the week WILL be smooth sailing :)

** It has been raining since WEDNESDAY! I LOVE the rain when I can stay home...but when I have to walk across campus and through puddles and get wet by being splashed...I dislike the rain. But I know the rain is good for the I will buck it up and just be wet for a little while longer.

** I went to a Dyslexia conference on Saturday and LOVED hearing Dr. Reid Lyon speak. He was extremely inspiring and presented some amazing information. It made my Saturday & weekend.

** There are so many people who are hurting and needing prayers. If you have a prayer request and would like me to pray for you...please let me know. I have started a prayer journal and put your specific requests in it. No one but me and HIM sees what I write and I have found this journal helpful in many ways. HE hears every single prayer!!!

** I LOVE the show ARMY WIVES & am excited to see it each week. It is seriously one of my favorite shows and it kind of tops the weekend too :)

** Oh and an interesting/funny thought for the night: I take 3 showers on M-W-F. I workout in the am, then have aquacise, and then take one in the evening. Just wanted to give you a little laugh for the night :o Oh and the fact that I am super clean these three days helps too!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!!!

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