Monday, September 14, 2009

NOT ME Monday

HAPPY MONDAY everyone! Hope you had a spectacular weekend and are ready to start your week...again! MckMama has promised that NMM will be up today so I thought I would play along and admit what I have "not" done in the past few weeks days. So here we go...

** I did not wake up at 4:30 this morning and could not not, for the life of me, go back to sleep. So the time 10pm rolls around...I will not be a cranky girl!

** Last night at dinner, I did not have sweet tea come out of my nose after coughing...nope not me! Oh and tea out of the nose does not hurt the least bit...HA!

** I did not feel a wee bit embarrassed when a classmate of mine brought her TWO year old to the library on Sunday and then have quite a hard time hushing managing her during the two hours and few minutes we were there. Where was the father? At home! It did not irritate me that she brought her loud mouthed daughter perfect angel and then proceeded to give her candy to shush her! Can ya tell it did not annoy me a wee bit?!

** I do not now think of ideas to blog about. Pre-blog, I would not have said "oh that is something to blog about." BUT out...anything is not not off limits :)

** My sister did not go home this past weekend with the FLU! She is not already starting to feel better...thanks to the MIRACLE of Tami-Flu.'s only September and the FLU is already not hitting campuses HARD.

** I am not the least big ANNOYED with the crickets outside my window. They are not chirping as I write this!

** Speaking of pesky animals, I am not SO READY for the exterminator to come and blast these ants outta my apartment. They are not in my closet or bathroom and they do not make me cringe!!!

** I have not decided that this is the week I get blackout curtains...myself. Dad did not say he would take care of them and has I am taking matters into my own hands. I did not wake up at 12:30AM this morning and did not have a dreadful time going back to sleep until a lovely 4:30AM this morning! This week...I MEAN IT!!! I do not long for the day when the lovely street lamp does not SHINE through my window at all hours.

** When I babysat a few days ago...I did not allow a 15 month old to have American (sliced) cheese and banana for breakfast since her teeth are not cutting through like crazy. Her sister was not jealous at all!

Hope you have a spectacular Monday!!!

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