Sunday, August 9, 2009

One of the most interesting days...

Today was, well, one of the most interesting days I have ever had in my life. I went to Wal-mart after church to grab lunch meat and a newspaper. Then I walked to my car and it happened, or did not happen! My key would not turn and my steering wheel would not turn. BAD NEWS in Texas people!!!

So there I was...I called my dad, after the 3o minutes of trying to start the car, and he said to call someone to come pick me up. I tried a few people and eventually the neighbor boy, who will be a senior in HS, came to pick me up. I thanked him for the ride home and then waited until my dad got home for round two of the ultimate, start the car gig.

Well we both head back to Wal-mart and dad tried and tried, but to no avail. So we drive home, in his car, and call the wrecker to come pick it up. BTW...if you live in DFW, B&B Wreckers was amazing and so kind. So the wrecker got to Wal-mart, accessed the situation, since I was smack dab in the middle of the parking lot and tried a few maneuvers first. To no avail, he had to tow it. So getting his wrecker in was interesting, but then we ran into a small snafu.

You see...the wheels would NOT turn. So the guy had to get this thing-a-majig out and manually turn the wheels. We were also blocking several cars and this family was really sweet and said they would wait. Then there were some bone heads who tried to back out while the wrecker was in the middle of the parking lot. Seriously?!?! Do you not see the HUGE wrecker in the way?!

Once this sweet guy got the truck on the wrecker, we squared away the details. Since the Dodge place is close until tomorrow, the guy had to take it back to the "yard" until the morning and then he would tow it to the car dealership.

So I must was an interesting day and tomorrow will be even more as I have to be at the dealership at 7AM. are reading this right! This chick gets to rise before the sun comes up and meet the sweet wrecker at the Dealership. I am extremely grateful that this wrecker was SO NICE and SO HELPFUL too.

Monday will definitely start out early ;)

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