Monday, August 10, 2009

NOT ME Monday...just be ready to laugh

Ok sweet peeps! Hope you had a fabulous weekend and are having a wonderful day. MckMama has her NMM up today, so just click on the button to see it and many more Not Me Monday. Okay, okay! Now time for my interesting and hilarious weekend details :o

** I did not crank the music up on Friday and Saturday night and dance around the house in my pjs since no one was home. Nope...never :)

** I did not make chocolate muffins on Saturday and do a happy dance once I finished and noticed that I did not not get any on my shirt!

** I did not get stranded at Wal-mart on Sunday and have to vacate my truck, call my hunk of a high school senior neighbor, and get a ride home.

** My whole family was not out of town when this happened.

** At 7pm last night, I did not have to call a wrecker to pick up my pick up truck at the Wal-mart parking lot. Some bozos did not then try to back out of their parking spots with the wrecker in the way. Seriously...they were boneheads anyways!

** What was wrong with my car you ask?! My steering wheel did not lock up so my key would not not turn allowing me not to be able to drive.

** I did not throw a huge hissy fit before composing my sweet self in my church clothes and hair down. peeps with short hair have it lucky. I wore my hair down for church and did not kick myself while I was sweating bullets.

** I did not allow a sight to be seen at Wal-mart last night.

** I did not get up at 6 this morning, workout, shower, and then head to the car place by 7:10 to meet the wrecker. I then did not call the wrecker, mom, and get a call back saying that there was no note saying it would meet me at the car place at 7:15. Um...the wrecker people got sassy, said there was no note, and I had my mom call. She did not call, chew their ass butts, and get an answer out. I did not have to leave the car place without making sure my truck got fixed to go to work.

** I did not get a call saying the car place would have to fix the steering column and another thing-a-ma-jig. LOVELY...I know!!!

Hope you had NO car trouble this weekend. It's not fun at all.

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