Sunday, August 16, 2009

DFW blog party

On Friday night, I met 17 fabulous ladies that have already impacted me in more than one way.

First there is Suz. This woman has left some of the BEST comments of all times. She has lifted my spirits, laughed with me, and has even made me fall in love with her kids over and over again. This woman has made one of the biggest impacts on me and she is truly one of my friends!

I met Alyssa at the blog party and we just hit it off. She and I chatted quite a bit during the duration of the party and I could not have asked for anything more. This woman blogs about faith, frugality, and how to balance it all.

Then there is Alicia. She and I have become friends through blogging and I am glad to call her a sweet friend.

Group picture

with the remaining few. Some had already left.
{Kendra, Dina, Alyssa , Jennifer, Nicole, Catherine, Alicia,
Adrien, Jennifer, Liz, Me, G-A, Suz}

Strike a pose

Me, Alicia, Jennifer{planned party}, Undomesticated wife, Dina

I finally got to meet Suz and yes I teared up when she walked in the door. Suz has blessed my life with words and she has an amazing heart. I also got to meet Liz and she so rocks my world. She has the cutest twins and is also as sweet as sugar.

So there you have it. I met some amazing women who amazed me on Friday night. If you ever have the chance to meet fabulous friends, do it. You will not regret it. I don't go out much, but this experiance was totally worth it :o

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