Sunday, August 2, 2009

21 things about me

Some fellow bloggers have asked about my likes, dislikes, and just questions in general, so I thought you would all like to know a tad more about me. So here we go!

** I am extremely picky and "hard to shop" for in respect to clothes, birthday presents, and miscellaneous household items. I would much rather have a gift card :)

** I am very shy around big groups of people.

** I do not like concerts or loud music. So concerts are out for me!

** I love sports and movies about sports.

** I love movies watching movies over and over again!

** I know the entire soundtrack from the Mulan movie.

** I want to write a children's book one day.

** I really don't "hang" with people my age. I have always hung around with the adults or the little kiddos. I like it this way too :)

** I talk to myself all the time.

** I may not be a huggy-touchy-feely person, but I do love showing my affection through words. I don't mind a few hugs though ;)

** I can't wait to be a mom, but I have to find my soul mate first :)

** My brother and I are so close and he is my bestest friend! He is 7 years younger than me as well :)

** I do not wear a bunch of makeup and I usually don't put it on unless it is a special occasion or at a special function. I like the natural look.

** Everything I wear or come in contact with (ie sheets), must be washed in Fabric softener and dried with dryer sheets.

** When I am tired or stressed, I cry easily.

** I do not party or drink. I also chose not to drink on my 21st birthday.

** I am amazed at all the friends I have gained through my blog. This community surrounds me with love and I am extremely grateful!

** I am finally starting to spread my wings, a little, and try new things such as music to movies to food.

** I become extremely offended when songs curse every other word and demand the channel or song be changed.

** Once my mind is made up about something, good luck trying to stop me in whatever it is.

** I take one day at a time and put on foot in front of the other each day.

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