Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Virtual HUGS & Day 7 and 8 of The Shred

Updated on Tuesday to include day 8 of the Shred!

A virtual hug...ever heard of it? It is basically a time when you want to reach out of the computer screen and HUG the person who left you a comment or just needs a physical HUG. In past 72+ hours, I have wanted to sit next to MckMama, the ENTIRE MckFamily, and HUG them. When a friend of mine's family had a horrific tragedy happen to their family, I wanted to just HUG them. When one of my followers/commentors {friends} have a major issue in their family and just need my prayers...I want to just give you a HUGE HUG. I want to give you a VIRTUAL HUG right now and many more will come.

HUGS to Sweet Stellan, MckFamily, & Friends who need a HUG

Day 7 of the Shred...complete. I did not have to stop and rest at all during the workout...YAHOO. THIS IS HUGE people!!!!

Day 8 of the Shred was completed on Tuesday morning (7/28) and I FEEL great! It is amazing how I don't hurt as bad as I did for the first four days.

Starring at the computer screen for several hours waiting for an update on Stellan...priceless!

Today has been a little slow and low key. I went to work, got drenched from the rain, came home, checked the computer, had lunch, checked the computer, did laundry, checked the computer, went to the store, checked the computer, made dinner, checked the computer, worked out, checked the computer, ate dinner, checked the computer, showered, checked the computer, blogged/tweeted, and checked the computer for updates. Notice a pattern there...I checked the computer ALL day long for sweet baby STELLAN updates.

Sweet Stellan is on my mind more than ever right now and virtual HUGS are going his way. PRAYERS are pouring out to this sweet babe and I am amazed. Amazed at how one sweet baby boy can be surrounded by an entire world with prayers. I am amazed at this baby boy's strength and his courage. I am amazed how this baby boy can be lifted up by prayer by people who do not know this family. I am just amazed at how HE is using Stellan to surround someone with prayers. HIS work is all around. I am just amazed!!!

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