Monday, July 6, 2009

NOT ME Monday

New button, but still the same old NMM tradition. MckMama held a contest to see who could design a new button for the Not Me! Monday posts and this one won. So to see more NMMs in style, click on the button above. Ok, ok...enough blab...more on what I did not do this week:

** I did not love all the entries for the new Not Me Monday design. Seriously some people just have talent! See all the entries HERE

** I did not slip in the shower while shaving, do a little jig to recompose myself and then continue to shower & laugh at myself the rest of the night/week.

** I did not tell the twitter world, in the wee hours of Friday morning, that I was mistaken when I thought MST and CST (time zones) were two hours apart. I know they are only an hour apart now...thankyouverymuch! I did not also blame this moment as my "blonde moment" of the day! (No pun intended)

** I did not die laughing when my sister told me she was "the human Harry Potter" and she could "fix my (nonexistent) voice with the blink of (her) eye." I am MUCH better now...thank you!

** I did not learn how to take a hint with my brother this past week. Mom, dad, and sister are out of town Wednesday-Friday, so I will be at his beck-and-call beckon call during the day. We are not planning to go to the aquarium, zoo (maybe depending on heat), out to dinner, and to the movies. I am not so excited about these plans and can not wait :)

** When I asked brother what it would be like with no mom, dad, or sister, he answered "quiet" and I did not laugh really hard on that one.

** Even though my workplace (church) is closed on Monday, due to the 4th; I still do not have to work, since I am running the "show."

** Brother has not decided to take it upon his self to teach me how to play Halo. Oh boy...not him. My first "lesson" was not last night and he did not joyfully say that "you are not the worst person I have helped." Thanks brother! We will not spend the week learning together! Oh Lord...give us both patience.

So there you have it. An edition of Not Me Monday. Simple, quick, and FREE therapy for the week! Hope you all had a GREAT Fourth of July weekend! Enjoy your Monday!!

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