Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random tidbits of information & a laugh

Ok...if someone can tell me why the month of May has flown by...please let me know! This post, just to warn you, will have random bits of information mixed in. I want to remember some "moments" and be able to look back and LAUGH at my blog posts.

** Today, while at the library...surprise, surprise, I was next to a basketball player who was 7 foot tall (I asked). He was going onto our table about how the "Dancing with the Stars" people could not keep on the beat of the cha-cha. So then, he turned up some music (yep he did), grabbed the girl next to him, and showed the entire downstairs of the library how to do a REAL "cha-cha" dance! Seriously...I wish I could have had my camera...it was THAT HILARIOUS!

** I talked to my mom on the phone for an HOUR on Monday and she said a few things that CRACKED me up. First you have to know that she is 5 feet, 5 inches. Ok, so she told me about the senior field day on Friday. She was over the 3-legged race. Some of the athletes got a little competitive, so to speak, and mom, being who she IS, stepped in the middle of these tower(ish) boys and started telling them yelling at them to calm down and "suck it up because they are seniors and they WILL walk across that stage in two weeks." Seriously...my mother cracked me up! It was that HILARIOUS to me!

Oh it gets SO better...just wait...

** THEN mom tells me that there is this Indian guy who thinks my mom is picking on him since he is being told not to slap/hit at the other guys. Well, my mom geniusly says "I'm the minority" to the athletes/guys who all TOWER over her. The indian guy plus all the players did laugh :) I'm sorry, but I LAUGHED so HARD at this one...it was that HILARIOUS.

Oh and there's more...

One of the assistant principles was walking over to my mom when the guys looked like they were going to dish it out and mom jumped in the middle, yelled, and got them to be nice :) She told my mom that her "technique" would definitely be talked about as she handled the situation PERFECTLY!!! YAHOO MAMA :)

Just FYI...I am down to my last three (YAHOO) days of my MAYMESTER class...I am SO READY to go home...I have not been since the second week of March :)

So there you have it...tidbits of information & laughter all mixed in!


McCrakensx4 said...

You silly girl! Finish strong on your Maymester! and then have a great summer!

Rachel said...

Funny! I like your mom already! (I'm usually the short one in any crowd! :)

BoufMom9 said...

OMGosh! I wish you had your camera too! LOL

Beth E. said...

Hey, I'm the same height as your mom...almost! :-)