Sunday, February 1, 2009


Serious Life Magazine is a free magazine that is published monthly. It can even be emailed to you...that easy and free. Brent Riggs, who is the editor, invited blogs to be featured in a blog the magazine. The magazine will be up online on Monday. My blog as well as many others, including MckMama's, will be featured in the blog directory. Just to let my curious bloggers know, Brent Riggs is the father of Abby, who is on my Prayer List. She has leukemia and is such a little fighter!

Head over to Serious.Life.Magazine to see what this magazine has to offer. Pick from an array of many subjects such as family, adoption, humor, spiritual life, finance, and many more! Remember that the magazine is FREE and the new issue is available on the Serious.Life.Magazine website THIS Monday!!!!


amanda said...

cool. thanks.

Nonni said...

Noticed a "Thanks" for prayers on my behalf from Elyse and wanted to add my own thanks for your prayers during my illness. Your prayers are so appreciated and necessary. Probably why I'm feeling stronger and better at this time. Thank you. sweet Elyse, for asking your friends to pray for me and for your own special prayers for me.
You are always in mine. Much love,