Sunday, February 15, 2009

NOT ME Monday

Can you believe Monday is already here? Seriously! The time just FLYS by each weekend. Each week, I hit a wall and dream of the weekend. Then there is a point on Sunday when I get excited because I know Not Me Mondays by MckMama are just around the corner. MckMama's famous "Not Me Monday" idea had hundreds of hits last week and this week will be no different. Sit back and enjoy today as MckMama totally rocks our socks off!

** I did not not change from shorts to pants to shorts back and forth about ten times this week. I totally did not want to have to explain that many times, so the car was a better idea in my head. ;)

** I did not live on iced tea last week nor did I wear the same brown pants three days in a row. Stress does crazy things to people and for me, the pants/shorts situation kind of made me think that it was okay since I was only in them half of the day...then changed to the other.

** I am not getting really tired of this yo-yo weather.

** I did not feel really domestic on Sunday night as I sewed buttons back on pants and washed dishes...nope not me :)

** I did not get really giddy when I felt more muscle in my right arm.

** I did not cook a new recipe and actually LOVE it. Has a little kick in it with the cayenne pepper and pepper too. I will also not post it this week either.

** I did not allow the bathtub to overflow once I got in it this week...never! Oh and I learned my lesson for allowing it to get really high too ;)

** I did not voluntary pull the Internet/computer plug this week and allow 60 emails to pile up after two days. I would never make a move to improve my weekend either :o

** I most certainly did not admit that I actually like spending time with my friend at the hospital. I would so rather her be home, but hey, the hospital chair is actually comfortable. BTW, she is doing okay. She is expected to in the hospital for another week and my daily visits I think brighten her day as much as mine.

** I did not actually enjoy my weekend this time. Packed with movies on tv, laundry, hospital time, cooking, and homework I actually enjoyed the two days of no fixed schedule. :o

Hope you all enjoyed this edition of NMM. Free therapy and fun reading. What more could you ask for. Be sure to check out MckMama's blog for more NMMs.

Have a GREAT day!!!!


Beth E. said...

So glad you had a good deserve it after the hectic week you had!

I'm glad your friend is doing better, too. Praying she'll get to go home soon.

Have a great week!


Rachel said...

I didn't crack up about the bathtub part, cuz I've never done anything like that (and certainly not a FEW times!)

And who knows that I wear the same pants a couple times a week??? :)

Can't wait to see the recipe - sounds delish!

Have a great week!

Hey Mama where's my... said...

Praying for your girlie! Wear the same pants a couple times usually. Saves on laundry lol~

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

Thanks for making me laugh this morning! It's awesome to wear the same pair of pants three days in a row. Less Laundry! Have a great week.:)

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

Glad to hear that your friend's doing better and that you got some rest this weekend. I took a computer hiatus, too. :)

E said...

I live for the weekends and then they breeze by. Guess I should quit wishing my weeks away, huh? I'm only getting OLD in the process. =0)

Enjoyed your NMM! Have a great week.

Suzanne said...

I love unplanned weekends. I don't love laundry but I love staying home to do some! Have a wonderful week! said...

Loved your "Not Me". Not the bathtub! That is the worst!

Have a blessed week!


McCrakensx4 said...

Happy Monday! Glad your friend is doing better and I, too, love it when we have no fixed schedule!

Twice Blessed said...

Thanks for stopping by! I also wear the same pants 2-3 days in a row! It's just cheaper that way!!! Have a great week!

Nonni said...

You're sounding more relaxed all the time and that's such a good thing.
Enjoyed your NMM.
I'm so proud of you, and I need to tell you that.
Wishing you a GREAT week, with little or no stress and plenty of time to do what you need to.
Love you much,

The White House said...

I did not get very jealous with all your domestic work this week. And I am certainly NOT wishing you would come down to south texas and help a pregnant lady out!

blueviolet said...

I'll bet your facial expression was hilarious when the tub overflowed! LOL

Tobi said...

I'm so glad your weekend was great! I'm sorry I missed not me Monday. We had relatives visiting! I'll have to post my not me's next Monday!

Megan R. said...

Great Not Mes! I am famous for wearing the same pants several days in a row, since I'm just home with Chunky Monkey all day. Why create more laundry, right?