Sunday, January 18, 2009

NOT ME Monday

Happy Monday everyone...if you are a teacher or have kids, hope you have a wonderful day off. If you have to work today, glad you got up and went in. I know it was hard this morning! I can not believe that Monday is here already and you know what that means...time for your FREE weekly therapy! MckMama is the mastermind behind our free therapy each week (NMM) and she does an awesome job.

Now onto the therapy session

** I did not watch Disney cartoons on Sunday morning while flipping channels.

** I did not decide to listen to a church sermon on my computer on Sunday morning because I still did not not feel 100% from that oh so lovely virus.

** I did not have to leave one of my many part time jobs and then feel guilty awful all week/weekend long. I know I had to because of my time restraints and work load this semester, but seriously...I feel awful about it.

** I did not procrastinate homework all week long and then see what all of I have to do last weekend! Seriously, I am always the first one done with homework and always do what is expected of me during the week-HA!

** I did not have a pretty cruddy awful first week back at school.

** I did not find it hilarious that the 20 month old that I babysit has a love of coffee. Seriously, this child will grab my cup and just take a sip gulp in a second. I most certainly did not give her a little of mine last week and mix it with her milk to make her stop drinking out of my cup :) Never I would never give a child caffeine.

** I did not find the real truth about the Little Mermaid this week in my Children's Lit class. Then, I most certainly did not feel thankful for Walt Disney keeping it children appropriate and magical.

** I did not have a thank you card sit down and write ALL of them one after the other on Sunday night. Nope not me :)

** I did not spill the seasoning salt in my hamburger meat on Sunday night and then throw half of it away because of the resulting taste. I always measure...not!

Hope you all had a spectacular weekend! I can not believe that Monday is upon us already. I thought time was slow as a kid, but was I sure WRONG! Time sure does fly FAST!

Happy Monday


Liz said...

Don't tell me the secret about the Little Mermaid....I love that movie! My 13 month old LOVES coffee too. I don't drink coffee, but every time we are at my parents house he grunts towards the coffee maker!

Elaine said...

I guess I should be glad I do not know the secret...

Praying you have a better week.

jag said...

I love these! I need to start some "not me's!" GREAT therapy! BTW, you're going to have to fill me in on the Little Mermaid thing. I always loved that flick!

The McNulty Family said...

Glad your feeling better!!

K, so what's the secret of the little mermaid?????? LOVE THAT MOVIE!


Tobi said...

The secret of the Little Mermaid is that it's actually a terrible story. But Walt cleaned it up and made it happy for us.

I'm so glad you are feeling better! I hope your second week back at school goes more smoothly.

Ashley said...

Hope this week at school is better than last week. I definitely DO NOT start tomorrow and am NOT kinda sorta dreading it... ugh... school... lol!

Beth E. said...

That is too funny about the toddler and the may have to fix a pot of decaf, too, and you two could have your coffee together! lol

Hope you feel better now, and that you will have a great week.

Okay, my kids are grown...what's the secret about the mermaid?

Love you!

Hey Mama where's my... said...

Great list, my son (almost 8) loves coffee, or more specifically cappacino (sp?). Every time we stop at the gas station he wants one, I usually only cave about every six months b/c I know he won't sleep until like three days later lol! Thanks for the comment on my blog~!

Cammie said...

Hi!! I like your NMM post! And you blog header is fab

Lane said...

Yep, love Walt. I like the header too. My youngest, Itty Bitty, said birthday cake!! Birthday Cake!!


Amanda said...

Hey thanks for commenting on my blog! Just so you know I read something about at takes 30hours for a child to get rid of half of the caffeine they ingest (something like that at least). Hubby is trying to ditch the caffeine... LOL
Not that I'm not guilty of giving a kid caffeine!! I'm just sharing interesting trivia ;) LOL

lifeduringnaptime said...

great not mes!
time does fly....enjoy every second!

Lindsay said...

ooo thanks for stopping by the blog :-).. What an awesome therapy session you had. Glad to see you are feeling better!!

Rachel said...

Huh? What's up with the Little Mermaid???

And my kiddo loved coffee from the get-go. He actually recognizes a Starbucks and asks for a frappucino. Woe is me if I let him have a sip of a caffeinated one!

I know sometimes restructuring what we're involved in can be painful - but I know you prayed about it and made the right decision. God moves us more often than we like sometimes, but it opens the door for NEW things!

Happy Not Me Monday!

Lindsley said...

If you had the horrendous virus we had...poor baby! It railed through me, then my hubby, then the kid...and took on other members of my family as well...and it was BRUTAL! And, you've really peaked my interest on the Little Mermaid....hmmmmm.

Hope you have a better week!

Sparkette said...

Thanks for visiting my page :) I am not watching Disney channel right now because there is nothing else on tv. Have a great week!

Brooke said...

Fun NMM list! I don't think I ever heard the "real" Little Mermaid story, and I'm guessing I'm glad I didn't. Glad to hear that you are feeling better.

The Mazza Munchkins said...

I won't tell me munchkins, but I do like to watch the Disney channel with them. I just pretend that I am being an extra kind Mama, and let them watch their TV shows.

Thanks for the comments, I will see, or read ya next week.

Hope you have a better week at school.

amanda said...

love the not me's. too much seasoning salt??!! never. :0) my hubby always makes fun of me for putting so much salt on stuff. oops.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Great list! I had to laugh at the one about The Little Mermaid!