Monday, December 29, 2008

NOT ME Monday

MckMama's weekly therapy session is today and boy do I know LOVE Mondays. Her blog usually has more Not Me's, so check it out next week. Her baby boy has had a tough week, therefore, all the other NOT mes will be back next week.

Now onto the therapy session that I so love and enjoy :)

** In front of 100 people, I did not get my presidents mixed up and state that Booth shot JFK. I for sure know that Oswald did!

** I did not have one of the best Christmas' ever this year.

** I did not not find it funny that my neighbor's enabled me to sleep for more than three hours on Saturday night.

** I did not completely forget a meeting on Sunday.

** I did not kick my foot into a door and grunt about it.

** I did not spend a full hour posting last night's pictures because I was proud of them.

** I did not blog instead of doing other sleep this past week...NEVER EVER ;)

** I did not surprise myself this week.

Hope all of you are having an awesome Monday. I know, I know, the weekends need to be longer for all of us...but MckMama sure makes Mondays fun! Please continue to pray for Stellan and the whole MckFamily during their tough time.

Have a marvelous Monday


Junita said...

LOL - those were some presidents to mix up - at least you didn't have Reagan in there too!
FYI - no Not Me's and Stellan is going to the hospital so they just posted a prayer request.
Blessings to you and your family. I was sorry to hear about your uncle. It's never easy.

Julie said...

The pictures were great! I'm glad you posted them!

Tobi said...

You've had a hard week. I would get more than presidents confused if I had had the week you had.

I was very sorry to hear about your Uncle passing.I'll pray for you and your family.

Jill said...

So glad you surprised yourself this week! Does this mean you got yourself a gift or that you were surprised by all that you accomplished, etc.?
Loved those pics yesterday...

Courtney said...

OH, I would NEVER spend over an hour posting pictures to my blog, especially after winning a digital SLR and getting Photoshop! ha!

Praying for Stellan...

In Him,
Courtney in Indiana